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Riviera Servizi Ecologici, a government-approved environmental sanitation company, and Centro Manutenzione Riscaldamento, a company with more than thirty years’ experience in the installation and management of HVAC systems, are both part of the Centro Petroli group. The two set up Riviera Sanificazioni to provide a range of services that go beyond traditional premises sanitization to include the cleaning and disinfection of HVAC systems and, in particular, ducting system components.

Sanitizing spaces and systems: How and why?

Are you looking for a one-stop, approved company to sanitize your work environment and HVAC system? With a proven track record, we offer a one-stop service for the rigorous disinfection of premises and HVAC systems that will safeguard the health of your employees and customers. Here you’ll find all the information you need, no matter what your requirements and no matter where you’re located, from Albenga to Ventimiglia, Menton to Nice, or Imperia, Sanremo, Monaco, Montecarlo, Bordighera, Taggia, Diano Marina, or Pieve di Teco.

Riviera Sanificazioni is a new service set up by Riviera Servizi Ecologici (RSE) in collaboration with Centro Manutenzione Riscaldamento (CMR) to offer a complete, state-of-the art service for the sanitization of HVAC systems and ductwork.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency, having your place of business sanitized by an authorized company means compliance with recent government measures, while protecting the health of all the people who access it. It’s also a strategic choice that sets you apart from your competition.

Riviera Sanificazioni benefits from the experience of RSE (authorized under Italian Law no. 82/94 and Ministerial Decree 274/97), which boasts decades of work in the disinfection and sanitization of premises, using specialist personnel. Together with CMR, we guarantee the effective sanitization of indoor spaces (private homes, workplaces, and multi-occupancy buildings) and HVAC systems. We begin with the ventilation and air conditioning plants, since the effectiveness of sanitizing any premises is greatly reduced if it doesn’t include adequate treatment of its HVAC systems.


Why choose us?

Riviera Servizi Ecologici (RSE) has been offering a range of environmental services since 1986, including septic tank cleaning, sewer pipe unblocking and cleaning, rodent control, pest control, and premises sanitization. It exclusively employs specialist personnel, who use state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

For several years, RSE has specialized in the cleaning and sanitization of HVAC ducts, particularly on commercial mega-yachts and pleasure yachts. Today, in collaboration with Centro Manutenzione Riscaldamento (CMR), a Riviera leader in the installation and management of HVAC systems and a member of the Centro Petroli group, RSE has launched Riviera Sanificazioni. Offering a fresh approach, this is a complete service for the cleaning and sanitization of the premises and plant of factories, craft industries, commercial spaces, offices, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, gyms, wellness centres, healthcare facilities, schools, multi-occupancy buildings, and private homes. Riviera Sanificazioni serves the area from Albenga to Ventimiglia, from Menton to Nice, as well as Imperia, Sanremo, Monaco, Montecarlo, Bordighera, Taggia, Diano Marina, and Pieve di Teco.

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Our services

State-of-the-art methods and equipment, use of approved products, and meticulous, certified work

Sanitization of premises


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HVAC system sanitization


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Sanitization of yachts and boats


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Sanitization incentive schemes


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Sanitization of premises

Do you need a premises sanitization service that’s effective, fast, and green? State-of-the-art sanitization is just a call away: We disinfect and sanitize business premises, workshops, shops, offices, professional studios, medical offices, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, supermarkets, gyms, wellness centres, and private homes in the province of Imperia and beyond. We use certified products and specialized equipment designed for the maximum reduction of bacterial and viral loads, while fully respecting the environment.

We offer two no-touch sanitization and disinfection methods for your premises, with both certified by us upon completion.

The first employs a Clean Cube PRO nebulization device that uses a 100% non-toxic, biodegradable solution based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Both are manufactured by Swiss company Steinemann Disinfection. This treatment is among the disinfection procedures listed by the Italian Ministry of Health for inactivating COVID-19 (see attachment). It is also certified under the AFNOR NFT 72-281 standard (see attached test report).

The second method uses an ultra-low volume (ULV) cold fogger (compliant with EC directives 89/366 and 93/68), which produces a droplet size of 5–10 microns and uses Rely+ON Virkon, a broad-spectrum viricidal disinfectant (see attached specifications).

A certificate of sanitization of rooms and surfaces is issued for each job, in compliance with Italian Ministerial Decree 274 of 07/07/1997.

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HVAC system sanitization

If you’re looking for the ideal sanitization solution for your premises, the combined sanitization of your rooms and HVAC system is the best possible choice.

With the years of combined experience of Riviera Servizi Ecologico S.r.l. (RSE) and Centro Manutenzione Riscaldamento S.r.l. (CMR), Riviera Sanificazioni can professionally sanitize HVAC systems in factories, craft industries, commercial spaces, offices, supermarkets, health and accommodation facilities, gyms, wellness centres, and private homes. Our certified procedure includes:

  • A preliminary video inspection of ductwork and contaminant sampling

  • Meticulous cleaning of ductwork using robot brushing machines

  • Where required, restoration of the internal coatings of insulated ducts

  • Sanitization of ductwork using a nebulized hydrogen peroxide solution (a disinfectant recommended by the Italian Ministry of Health as effective against COVID-19)

  • Cleaning and disinfection of terminal units with a 160°C steam-cleaning system and nebulized disinfectants

Once the work is completed, a comparison is made between the residual contaminants and pathogens and those recorded prior to the treatment. The certificate is only issued after all parameters tested are within the limits set by the World Health Organization.

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Sanitization of yachts and boats

Riviera Servizi Ecologici (RSE) is a Certified Company operates in all the major ports along the western Italian and French Rivieras through the Yachting Trading Partner Servizio Mare, fuel supplier of Portosole Sanremo since 1983.

RSE works in close cooperation with the main Management Companies operating in the area providing a wide range of cleaning services dedicated to the Mega and Super Yachts sailing in the West Med.
**All services are carried out according to the environmental laws in force with the issue of an official Waste Form Certificate.


  • Decontamination of Fuel tanks, with the issue of a GAS FREE CERTIFICATE

  • Fuel Biocide additive - dedicated treatment

  • Decontamination of Waste oil tanks, pumping and disposal services

  • Cleaning of Engine rooms & Bilges, engine and generator exhaust pipes and silencers

  • Chemical washing of engine cooling systems, fresh and saltwater generators


  • Cleaning of the Sewage, Grey and Fresh water tanks and pipes with High Pressure and steam washing


  • Unblocking & Sanitization of AC System and ductworks using a nebulized hydrogen peroxide solution (COVID-19)

  • Disinfection & Pest Control of cabins and exterior areas

  • Cleaning and sanitization of washing machine outlet pipes

  • Cleaning and degreasing of fume extractors and range hoods

  • Video inspections with photos/videos available before and after the intervention


The sanitization of HVAC systems includes an assessment of both the system and its operating environment, mechanical cleaning of filters, brushing of ducts, sanitation using a jet of dry saturated steam (a 100% green method), and disinfection of enclosed spaces and the HVAC system using nebulized hydrogen peroxide (a disinfectant recommended by the Italian Ministry of Health as effective against COVID-19).

Once sanitization has been completed, and all parameters have been checked to be within recommended limits, a certificate of cleaning and remediation is issued, drawn up according to Italian Ministerial Decree 274 of 07/07/1997.

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Sanitization incentive schemes

Do you conduct a business, artistic, or professional activity in the provinces of Imperia or Savona? If your business is based anywhere from Albenga to Nice, and you want to ensure that your premises have been sanitized in compliance with current regulations, while also taking advantage of government incentives, we are specialists. Plus, we offer our services in Imperia, Sanremo, Monaco, Montecarlo, Bordighera, Taggia, Diano Marina, and Pieve di Teco.

Article 64 of the ‘Cura Italia’ decree (D.L. No. 17/2020) provides incentives for the sanitization of workplaces. The scope of the decree has now been broadened to include expenses under the ‘Decreto Liquidità’ (D.L. 23/2020).

The sanitization of premises and HVAC systems is included in the Italian government’s measures for containing the coronavirus. Under the scheme, anyone who conducts a business, artistic, or professional activity will be granted a 50% tax credit for expenses incurred for the sanitization of workplaces and equipment, subject to a maximum of €20,000. These amounts were increased under the ‘Rilancio’ decree (D.L. 34/2020).

Tax credit
up to a maximum of 20.000 €

In addition, the Liguria Region government has launched a package for companies that have already incurred (since 23 February 2020), or will be incurring, expenses relating to the sanitization of workplaces. The package aims to support investments by micro-, small-, and medium-sized businesses (including individually owned firms as well as corporations, such as cooperatives and consortiums), with a non-repayable grant of up to 60%, ensuring that companies are equipped to operate at the required safety standards.

Non-repayable grants
for expenses incurred since 23 February 2020

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Entrust your employees’, your customers’, and your own health to Riviera Sanificazioni.

A new service created by Riviera Servizi Ecologici and Centro Manutenzione Riscaldamento

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Riviera Servizi Ecologici S.r.l. (RSE) has been operating in the environmental and sanitation sector since 1986. Its range of services includes septic tank cleaning, unblocking and washing of sewer pipes, fuel tank degassing and remediation, rodent control, and pest control for private customers, multi-occupancy buildings, businesses, public bodies, and private industries.

RSE operates a storage facility where it accepts hazardous and EWC-coded wastes of various kinds, including olive oil mill wastewater. Using specialized cameras, it offers sewer pipe and air conditioning duct inspection services. It also provides ductwork cleaning services, using brush cleaners and robotic equipment, including subsequent sanitization with nebulized disinfectants. RSE is also highly specialized in the nautical field, “offering bilge and fuel tank cleaning, and black water tank cleaning”. providing a wide range of cleaning services such as waste oil removal and disposal, decontamination of fuel tanks, cleaning of sewage, grey and fressh water tank RSE is registered with the Italian Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali, under no. GE 131, for the categories: 1 classe E, 4 classe D, 5 classe F, and 8 classe F.
With its large fleet of vehicles of different sizes and categories, and authorization to transport a range of EWC codes, RSE combines solutions to every waste problem with fast callout times. The company stands behind the quality of the service it offers and implements a customer policy that begins with identifying the best, most cost-efficient solution to every waste problem. Since 2001, RSE has had UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification for its services, and, since 2008, UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification. RSE is part of the Centro Petroli company group.
Visit the website: www.rsesrl.it

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Centro Manutenzione Riscaldamento S.r.l. (CMR) has been installing and maintaining heating systems since 1980. In response to growing market demand, in the early ’90s it expanded into HVAC, acquiring important accounts in the banking and healthcare industries.


Our experienced, qualified staff can design, install, and manage HVAC systems of any size, from domestic systems to plant for hotels, hospitals, and supermarkets. After establishing its reputation in thermohydraulics and air conditioning, CMR opened its temperature control and building automation division to provide customers with an increasingly efficient service and minimize callout times in the event of breakdowns or problems. CMR also builds renewable energy systems, offering a range of solutions for saving energy and rationalizing energy consumption in private homes and multi-occupancy buildings. Our team of engineers and technicians are experts in plant management and automation, with many years’ experience in the design of heating, air conditioning, fire prevention, management, and electrical systems. With more than 25 staff, our team includes specialist workers, maintenance staff, and installers. In 2015, CMR expanded its operations to the French Riviera and Monaco. In 2018, it set up CMR S.a.r.l., a subsidiary incorporated under Monégasque law that meets all the criteria for operating both in France (compulsory decennial insurance for companies operating in the building industry) and Monaco. CMR is part of the Centro Petroli company group.
Visit the website: www.cmrclima.it